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"Any Water, Any Where"

Did you know?

SeaPack Emergency Desalination System is used by the US Coast Guard 

Technology / Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need the drink syrup to make the systems work?
Our products work on the basis of Forward Osmosis. Forward Osmosis filtration must use an osmotic agent (Sugar or Salt) to create osmotic pressure and draw the water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane filter. SeaPack's syrup packs have been formulated to maximize filtration capabilities, enhance oral hydration and drink preservation.

How quickly can I produce safe drink and are there any ways to speed the production?
The reported hydration speed of the product was measured at 68?F without agitation. Warmer water and agitation allows water to move easily through the filter. Basic filtration delivery speeds for each product at standard and above standard temperatures are as follows:

Temperature is:

1.0C = 33.8F
At this temperature, 0.5 liter of drink should be obtained in about 8.6 hours

Temperature is:

5.0C = 41.0F
At this temperature, 0.5 liter of drink should be obtained in about 7.6 hours

Temperature is:

10.0C = 50.0F
At this temperature, 0.5 liter of drink should be obtained in about 6.5 hours

Temperature is:

20.0C = 68.0F
At this temperature, 0.5 liter of drink should be obtained in about 5.0 hours

Temperature is:

30.0C = 86.0F
At this temperature, 0.5 liter of drink should be obtained in about 4.0 hours

Temperature is:

35.0C = 95.0F
At this temperature, 0.5 liter of drink should be obtained in about 3.6 hours

How do you know if the membrane is working properly?
Each and every product is tested for leaks under a positive pressure air test prior to packaging and shipping. Products require a tight membrane filter and construction so that the osmotic pressure is always contained. In the rare case where a rupture or small hole develops in the membrane or construction under severe use, osmotic pressure is released and the osmotic filtration process stops. The product will not generate clean drink because the osmotic agent is flowing out into the dirty water. A full bag means a good bag and safe drink.

Does the SeaPack membrane stop all chemical toxins?
At the behest of the Department of Defense (DoD), SeaPack's initial products were engineered to stop biological pathogens. Biological pathogens are common in contaminated waters and even a small exposure, due to the rapid reproductive characteristics of bacteria and viruses, can result in severe illness. In addition SeaPack's products perform very well against chemical toxins (as seen below): 

Undissolved Radiological species (most common) 100% Rejection
Radioactive ions (less common) 85% Rejection
Chemical Warfare Agents (except CN) 95% Plus Rejection
Herbicides/Pesticides 95% Plus Rejection
Odors & Smells 95% Plus Rejection
Heavy Metals 85-90% Plus Rejection

Does the SeaPack membrane stop all biological pathogens?
SeaPack's proprietary membrane is extremely effective at blocking all types of biological pathogens. Independent studies performed by both independent and military laboratories have consistently demonstrated that SeaPack's products transform the worst possible life-threatening waters into clean, life-sustaining drink. As demonstrated in independent tests, SeaPack's membrane meets or surpasses 6-log bacteria (99.9999%), 4-log virus (99.99%) and 3-log parasites and cysts (99.9%) reductions as specified by the EPA for water purifiers.

Will aforward osmosis membrane clog in dirty water?
Soldiers know that most indigenous water sources are highly turbid. Unlike other solutions, our proprietary membrane technology does not clog, even when confronted with the dirtiest of waters.  Pump systems indiscriminately force contaminants into their membranes causing the system to quickly clog and fail.  Chemical treatments cannot remove turbidity and are useless when confronted with this common condition. Our forward osmosis technology; however, does not unintelligently push water against the membrane, but rather water is selectively pulled through the membrane leaving other contaminants behind.   No pressure means no clogging.

Can I filter urine through SeaPack's products and produce safe drink?
Our products are not designed to filter urine.  The system's strength is its ability to work with very turbid water sources. However, due to the extremely tight membrane, the our filters are capable of rejecting close to 90% of the salts in urine.  In a crisis, these products have been used to filter urine and have been credited for saving lives.

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