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Worldwide Used boats for sale, new yachts for sale, sailboats and power boats from YachtWorld.com


Carbon Fiber Props A Volonte' Ltd

A Volonte' Ltd. is the only US distributor for carbon fiber props. Contur composite carbon fiber marine propellers for luxury yachts, ships, submarines and other vessels.


Daytona Marine Propulsion

Daytona Marine Propulsion manufacture the innovative JetPac™ Outboard Jet Propulsion System which is a completely self-contained outboard mounted marine jet propulsion system. JetPac™ is self bouyant and offers a high thrust, quieter and more efficient performance than current jet propulsion systems.


Manta Ventures

Manta Ventures, is the leading provider of next-generation forward osmosis water filtration technology based on a proprietary membrane that converts almost any polluted water into safe, potable drink.


Pete Collett's Atlantic Solo challenge

The WoodVale Atlantic Rowing Race is one of the world's toughest nautical challenges and the ultimate test of mental and physical strength and endurance. Pete Collette is undertaking this grueling 2,900 nautical mile ocean rowing race and will start from La Gomera, Canary Islands, on 3rd December 2007, and will finish 60-120 days later in Antigua, West Indies.


Fort Lauderdale Marine Directory, USA

The online site for the Fort Lauderdale Boating fraternity.  A great site that is truly informative.


British Marine Federation

The British Marine Federation is the trade association for the British boating industry. The Federation's 1,500 Members account for 90% of the industry's turnover and employ about 30,000 people. They are drawn from both the seagoing and inland sectors of the marine industry covering the leisure boat, hire fleet, commercial workboat and superyacht categories and supporting services.



Boat sales website


Xado UK

Distributor of Xado engine oils, lubricants and greases containing a patented revitalizant that restores repairs and conditions engines and gearboxes.



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