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"Any Water, Any Where"

Did you know?

SeaPack Emergency Desalination System is used by the US Coast Guard 

SeaPack - world's first osmotic seawater desalination kit

"Perfect for use on your offshore boat, sea kayak or for use in your life raft"

eople always ask, "How on earth does this work?".  It is actually very simple.  All of our products operate on the same principle as how plants and animals survive.

Here's the easy explanation:  Imagine how a plant pulls water from the earth.  There are no tiny pumps working inside the plant.  Instead the plant is full of a sugary solution that called sap.  This sugary solution naturally attracts water; water that is in the earth.  The water is attracted towards the sap and is filtered by the root of the plant.  Only water and nutrients are allowed through the plants natural filter, the root.  When the water combines with the sap it produces a life giving formula for the plant to survive.

This exact principle is what powers all of our products.  Now for the more scientific explanation...

Our products employ a proprietary membrane filter that is hydrophilic (attracts water), allowing water to pass through, yet blocking very small contaminants due to the tight construction of the membrane.  It is perfect for use in emergency desalination and water filtration situations.

Water is driven across the membrane, not by hydraulic pressure, but by osmotic pressure created by a standard sport drink syrup on the clean side of the membrane.

Because our products use osmotic pressure (forward osmosis) instead of hydraulic pressure (reverse osmosis), our products do not have the clogging or fouling problems inherent to reverse osmosis filtration systems.   Even highly turbid water, such as those found in the foulest ditch, will not clog our products (tested to 800 ntu).

Whereas conventional hand pump systems only filter to the 0.1 Micron level, the our products are two hundred times more accurate filtering at the .0005 Micron level (5 Angstroms).  Because our membrane is so tight, our products offer fluid purity on par with even complicated and very expensive reverse osmosis systems.

Other advantages include:

  • No power or energy input required - silent operation

  •  No foul tasting chemicals or contact time requirements 

  • Unlike reverse osmosis pumps there are no complicated mechanical parts to break and no expensive filters to maintain. 

  • Very safe and highest purity levels available in point-of-use filtration

Developed in concert with the US Department of Defense, our filters have undergone extensive testing in independent laboratories and by the U.S. military.  The nominal pore size of the forward osmosis membrane is 3-5 angstroms. The size of bacteria range from 2,000 to over 500,000 angstroms. The smallest viruses are 50 to 1,000 angstroms.  To put this in perspective, if our membrane's pore is compared to the size of a dime then the smallest bacteria would be larger than a two-car garage.

Outperforms other emergency water purifiers...

LifePack Hand pumps Inline Filters Chemical Generators Chemical Tablets
Can be trusted to eliminate viruses, bacteria and cysts to EPA standards in all water including brackish and muddy water YES NO NO NO NO
No Chemical Flavor YES YES YES NO NO
Filters to less than 10 angstroms YES NO NO NO NO
Provides needed electrolytes YES NO NO NO NO

SeaPack sea water desalinator

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