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carbon fiber propellers

carbon fiber propellers fibre

carbon fiber fibre propellers military

Contur Carbon fibre propellers have been fitted to numerous vessels from luxury yachts, commercial vessels to military ships. These are few examples of the commercial craft and research ships that have installed our Contur Carbon fibre propellers.

Research ship - Click images to View

Pilot Boat - Click images to View

ROV & Thruster Propellers - Click images to View

If you are interested in obtaining a quotation for our Contur Carbon fibre propellers, please download the data calculation sheet by clicking the button below. Complete as many fields as possible, remembering to include you name, address and contact number.  Fax or e-mail it back to us and we will review the information and reply with your quotation for our Contur Carbon fibre propellers as soon as possible.


I live in the in the U.S.




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