Marine Trade Show 19th-20th October 2004

Fleetwater Marine cordially invites you to visit our stand at the Marine Trade Show, Windsor on the 19th to 20th October, 2004.

On display will be a selection of the unique "Intelligent" Contur Marine Propellers.

These are no ordinary propellers but a sophisticated highly engineered propulsion units. Previously available only to the military and specialist applications. The propellers are already in use with a wide variety of vessels from composite Racing MAXI's & Large Super Yachts, Commercial & Research vessels as well as Military Warships & Submarines

We look forward to seeing you at the show!


Propeller technology has essentially not changed for many years. Yacht masts, hulls and many other features of marina technology has turned to Carbon fibre and now we have the propeller. View full details of the propellers and the technology on our web site by 'clicking' the link below

Contur Propeller Technical Information

Recent Contur Marine Propellers orders -  MAXI RACING YACHTS
Due to the exceptional weight saving of these propellers they are ideal for competitive sailing yachts - where every gram makes the difference.  Two recent orders have been placed for two Grand Prix sailing yachts currently under construction. The designers pointed to "the exceptional weight saving as the deciding factor in ordering the propellers".

Hubs can be made from Bronze, Stainless steel or Titanium

Exceptionally strong & Ultra lightweight in comparison to bronze propellers

  • Exceptionally strong and lightweight, UP TO 70% WEIGHT SAVING

  • Extremely quiet, almost no vibration, humming or cavitation

  • Corrosion resistant blades, which are self pitching and replaceable

  • Superior performance, up to 15% increase in speed and acceleration

  • Fuel efficient, up to 15% saving on fuel, increasing range

Also with the use of drawn polyethylene fibres, the blade tips are highly resistant to any below water impacts.


The "intelligent" optimum pitch propeller - Not possible you cry!!  
The Contur range of intelligent propellers will change the present views and concepts of propeller technology. 

Contur Marine Propellers are entirely different to other Carbon fibre propellers currently on the market.  Instead of using fine carbon particles moulded with resin, Contur propellers are manufactured from a combination of carbon, aramide (Kevlar) and many layers of carbon fibre matting, cut and laid in a precise order to allow the propeller blade to flex in a pre determined manner.

This unique property allows the Contur Marine Propeller blade to continually adjusts to the load applied and the conditions encountered, thereby allowing optimal pitch at all times providing extremely quiet operation, with almost no vibration, humming or cavitation along with improved acceleration and fuel consumption.

The Contur Propeller Range
Three ranges of Contur Marine Propellers designs are available, to suite all sizes and styles of vessels whether displacement, semi displacement, planning, commercial, military or pleasure yachts.  Propeller sizes range from 50 cm up to 3.5 meters in diameter with larger or smaller special one off designs also available.

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