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"Revolutionary new, self-contained Jet propulsion system”

Winner of NMMA Innovation Award, IBEX Miami, Florida, USA


JetPac™ Outboard Jet Propulsion System.  JetPac™ is a completely self-contained outboard mounted marine jet propulsion system. It has a large diameter water jet completely enclosed within positive buoyancy, fibreglass shell, that offers high thrust, quieter and more efficient performance than current jet propulsion systems

JetPac™ Outboard Jet Propulsion System is an innovation in marine propulsion; a patented technology that is clearly unconventional yet offers significant improvements over existing water jet designs.


jetpac_water_jet The JetPac™ marine propulsion system provides the best combination of Safety, Reliability and Performance available. The JetPac™ uses clean  engine technology, both diesel and petrol, to power its patented water jet drive system. Its low emissions, low noise, low fuel consumption and low draft are just some of the advantages that make the JetPac™ outboard the best choice for consumers and the environment.

Jetpac Powers Zodiac Military & Professional RIBS

"I have tried the JetPac on 2 different boats so far and on each I was impressed with the ease in which the boat got out of the hole even with heavy loads. The directional manoeuvrability is outstanding for a water jet even at low speeds and of course the bonus is the whole power train is outboard."

Tim Fleming

Zodiac Military and Professional Marine Sector



JetPac - A low weight positive buoyant Fibreglass shell

The Fibreglass Shell is specially fabricated to house both the engine and water jet.  The shell is designed with over 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms) of displacement and other features, such as:-

  • Baffled air intake system to reduce noise, trap and eliminate any water
  • Separate bilge area to contain oil and other engine contaminants
  • Engine mounting high above the bilge areas
  • Easy mounting to transom of boat
  • Water jet installs as a cartridge
  • Low draft, does not extend below the boat's keel

JetPac - Improved acceleration and reduced fuel consumption

The Water jet is designed for safety, reliability, performance and durability.  

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Sealed shaft housing
  • Sealed grease packed bearings
  • Entire jet assembly is removable as a cartridge
  • Large diameter jet for high thrust and quick acceleration
  • Designed to allow reverse to be used as a braking system.  

Engines currently offered in the JetPac™ are:


3.0 litre common rail electronically controlled 4 stroke diesel. This engine is turbo charged and intercooled, it has a modified water jacketed stainless steel exhaust manifold, a closed loop cooling system with a stainless steel/cupro nickel heat exchanger and intercooler, and develops 225 horsepower at 3,800 rpm.


JetPac jet drive marine outboard JetPac jet drive marine outboard JetPac jet drive marine diesel outboard

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