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38 Points of Comparison

  1. Electrical Bonding System links metallic underwater components to help minimize the effects of stray current electrolysis.
  2. Galvanic Isolator (Zinc Savers) extends the life of the sacrificial zinc anodes, protecting underwater hardware from electrolysis damage.
  3. Magnetic Circuit Breakers provide more stable transfer of power and eliminate tripping due to heat and humidity.
  4. Harnessed, Colour-Coded Wiring Systems, with loomed runs of individually labelled, tinned copper-strand wiring on both AC and DC sides, provide durability, corrosion resistance and easy troubleshooting. All 12V harness sections are joined with pin connectors, and 12V and 110V accessories are hardwired. Buss systems on bridge allow installation of additional components.
  5. Aluminium AC Breaker Box-As an added safety feature, AC breakers are housed in an aluminium breaker box. This feature keeps AC breakers continually grounded and isolated in the event of a short.
  6. Structural Engine Mountings, including linear span rails used on the 570, 530 and 450 Voyager Series, are designed to transfer the weight, torque and thrust of the propulsion system to the structural components of the hull.
  7. Manganese-Bronze Rudders and Struts utilize a harder, more rigid material, to withstand deflection loads and provide more precise response to navigation input, as well as transfer of propulsion loads.
  8. Synthetic Seat Frames, using moulded or dimensional high-density Polyvinyl Carbonate bases on all exterior seating and lounges, provide longer life and lasting appearance.
  9. Unitised Deck Construction, with deck, cabin top and cockpit fabricated as a single unit, provides greater structural integrity and less "racking" and flexing than common "layer-cake" construction methods.
  10. Precision Overlap Hull-To-Deck Joints eliminate the "hinge effect" of flanged hull-to-deck joints, producing a stronger, more durable seam. Mechanical fasteners every 2 inches- 4 inches around the perimeter assure consistent, reliable fastening. A polyurethane sealant supplements the joint.
  11. Frameless Windows allow for larger window panels with more elegant and interesting architectural shapes. A positive flange seal with polyurethane adhesives virtually eliminates the water penetration that can occur with gasket frame window systems.
  12. Flow-Thru Ventilation-Capture of air from high-pressure zone under forward edge of bridge allows for fresh outside air to flow through the main cabin while underway. Free-flow air vents can be opened or closed depending on preference.
  13. Aluminium Truss Reinforcements, constructed of tubular and bar stock aluminium and laminated into each deck/cabin top unit, structurally integrates the fly bridge with the deck.
  14. All-Composite Stringer System is hand-laminated into each hull to provide a rot-free structural backbone.
  15. Solid Fibreglass Bottom with no coring eliminates potential for structural damage from water penetration around through-hull fittings. This also lowers the boat's centre of gravity and maximizes underwater strength. Knytex substrates provide optimum resin-to-glass ratio, which reduces weight without compromising strength and promotes better adherence of laminate layers.
  16. Secondary Bonding-All furniture and components are bonded directly to the original properly prepared fibreglass surface, instead of bonding over gel coated or painted surfaces. Knytex knitted fibreglass cloth is used for all secondary bonding, providing better strength and more durable bonds.
  17. No Wood Below The Waterline-All wood has been eliminated from structural hull components below the waterline, ensuring a durable, longer-lasting hull structure.
  18. A Vinylester Barrier Coat provides an extra layer of protection that virtually eliminates the migration of water through the laminate structure of the hull, preventing the formation of osmotic blisters.
  19. Bead-Blast Surface Preparation for bottom paint assures adherence and virtually eliminates the "peeling effect" experienced with inconsistent chemical surface treatments.
  20. Deck and Hull side Coring reduces weight and improves rigidity, provides maximum strength-to-weight ratio and serves as insulation to help control internal temperatures.
  21. 316 Stainless Steel-A more rigid, dense material used on all rails and cleats. Provides maximum corrosion resistance.
  22. Lineal-Buffed and Polished Stainless Steel Rails provide superior surface finish and corrosion resistance. with all exterior welds ground and polished to minimize the potential for surface corrosion of the welds.
  23. Double-Welded Rail Stanchion Bases are welded inside and out to provide maximum strength.
  24. Continuous Welded Rail Systems-Unitised rail systems increase strength and reliability of the rail system. Intermediate rails add an extra measure of security.
  25. Aluminium Coring For All Deck Fixtures-Rail stanchion feet and cleats are backed with aluminium coring, which spreads the torsional load, provides more lasting strength and reliability than wooden coring, increases the life of mountings and reduces risk of damage due to water penetration.
  26. Electronics Arches are custom-designed for each model and constructed of premium-grade aluminium for optimum strength.
  27. Seven-Step Surface Finish on all electronics arches plus a two-part urethane coating to assure lasting lustre and resistance to corrosion. Finishing and painting is done under extremely controlled conditions to provide a durable, long-lasting coat. Non-corroding hardware is used to secure all access plates, further reducing potential for corrosion.
  28. Marine Cabinetry assembled with extra care using stainless steel fasteners inserted through pre-drilled holes. All cabinets are drilled, glued and screwed-no cold steel self-tapping screws-and where appropriate, seams are tongue-and-groove jointed or reinforced with aluminium angle stock for added strength.
  29. Wooden Dowel Joints-Wood joints are still fastened the traditional craftsman's way using wood dowels, a method that is more costly but provides greater strength overall.
  30. Inner-Spring Mattresses in master staterooms of all motor yachts over 40 feet provide maximum comfort.
  31. Colour-Coordinated Upholstery and Drapery Fabrics are specially selected, meticulously cut and precision hand-sewn in our own Upholstery Shop. All mattresses, pillows and bedspreads are handcrafted.
  32. Exterior Upholstery Fabrics designed for maximum performance in marine environment. Surface treatment prevents UV damage and mildew, providing maximum wearability and resistance to harsh marine elements.
  33. All-Fibreglass Boarding Platforms with skid-resistant surface allow easy boarding and include a ladder.
  34. Performance Engineering-Performance cannot be measured in terms of speed alone. In a yacht, performance is a harmony of ride, stability, handling, fuel economy. . . and speed. Carver engineers maximize each drivetrain with these critical elements in mind-for balanced performance that is anything but one-dimensional.
  35. Certified Component Installations-Major OEM component installations are co-engineered and certified by actual OEM manufacturers to meet operational design and performance standards.
  36. Experienced Carver People-Skilled and dedicated, with over twelve years of boat-building experience. We don't just assemble boats at Carver. Our engineers and craftsmen design and create exquisite motor yachts with great care and attention to detail. Many of our people, in fact, are second generation boat builders and all have a deep sense of pride in their work. Carver Apprentice and Career-Path programs ensure that skills and knowledge are seamlessly transferred to continue the tradition of excellence.
  37. Transferable Limited Warranty-Carver's industry-leading 7-5-1 Carver Confidence Protection Plan assures you added value when you choose to sell your boat.
  38. Carver Dealers-Experienced and ready to help you find the boat that suits your lifestyle. With an average of fifteen years representing the Carver line-and some with as much as 40 years-our dealers understand boaters. They know big boats. And they know Carver motor yachts!



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